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Our Business

Business Introduction

Kenedix Real Estate Fund Management, Inc. (“KFM”) is engaged in the asset management business of managing REITs.
A REIT is an investment trust that invests funds raised from investors in real estate and distributes the profits. As a REIT management company, our mission is to maximize investors’ profits.
KFM acquires new properties and reshuffles assets by leveraging acquisition expertise in both a listed REIT on the Tokyo Stock Exchange and a private REIT, and conducts precise property management, in order to secure stable distributions  to investors and to maintain AUM (assets under management).

Business Description

As a REIT management company with one of the largest AUM in Japan, KFM is engaged in funding, acquisition and asset management. Since its establishment, the Kenedix Group has focused on asset management, and by leveraging its advanced expertise and experience, KFM strives to secure stable income for investors.


  • Favorable finance condition due to market presence
  • The REITs managed by KFM raise funds smoothly by issuing investment units timely based on market trends.
  • The REIT’s financial stability is enhanced by its asset scale, which is one of the largest in Japan. By expanding its borrowing capacity, the REITs will be able to flexibly adapt to changes in the market environment.


  • Portfolio growth through investment in diverse properties with profitability and growth potential
  • KFM has secured various information sources for property acquisitions through the efficient support of Kenedix, and through cooperation with close companies.
  • KFM has a flexible portfolio strategy that straddles a variety of investment universes, including mid-sized office buildings, residential properties, and healthcare facilities, in order to diversify risks and capture revenue opportunities.
  • Kenedix Group, a pioneer in real estate asset management, has developed an acquisition expertise for potential investment properties.
  • KFM selects optimal solutions from a wide range of investment target sectors. KFM makes investments speedy through prompt decision-making and agile organizational management.

Asset Management

  • Maximizing portfolio value through active management
  • KFM has the know-how and expertise to manage a variety of investment universes. KFM sets appropriate rents and improves occupancy rates by attracting tenants suitable for the properties.
  • KFM maintains and improves the value of properties through appropriate repair and renovation plans tailored to each property.
  • Regardless of the sector, KFM will conduct timely and flexible asset management by replacing assets with properties that have growth potential.

AUM increase through business

Since 1995, the Kenedix Group has been a pioneer in real estate asset management. As the core subsidiary of the Kenedix Group, KFM steadily increases AUM every year through the services of highly specialized professionals in real estate, finance, and other fields.

REITs under Management

KFM manages two real estate funds. KDX Realty Investment Corporation (“KDXR”), a listed REIT, and Kenedix Private Investment Corporation (“KPI”), a private REIT. KFM aims to achieve sustainable growth by leveraging the characteristics of each fund and managing a diverse range of investment universes.

KDX Realty Investment Corporation

On November 1, 2023, Kenedix Office Investment Corporation, Kenedix Residential Next Investment Corporation and Kenedix Retail REIT Corporation merged into a new J-REIT. As of March 31, 2024, KDXR’s portfolio is comprised of 353 properties with AUM of over 1.1 trillion yen which ranks third in asset size and first in the number of properties among all J-REITs. KDXR has invested in mid-sized office buildings, residential properties, shopping centers for daily needs and will further expand its investment target sectors to actively acquire in logistics facilities and hotels.



trillion yen

Office/KDX Musashi-Kosugi Building 
Residential/ River City 21 East Towers Ⅱ
Retail/Apita Terrace Yokohama Tsunashima

Kenedix Private Investment Corporation

KPI is a private REIT that aims to generate long-term stable income without being directly affected by the financial and capital markets. Its portfolio is mainly comprised of office buildings in the Tokyo metropolitan area, and is also diversified into logistics centers, shopping centers, and residential properties. With the deep support of its sponsors, including the Kenedix Group, KPI has achieved continuous growth.



billion yen

KDX Toyosu Grand Square